“The vendor reporting is just what we needed. After trying other software that had to be loaded on computers we finally got out of that business and upgraded to this software.”

Troy Myers (Charity Game Room Owner, Browning Texas)

“Finally…NO MORE HUGE EQUIPMENT. Our players come in..buy bullets…and play for hours. This program has been a breath of fresh air. The vendor portal was easy to download and self-explanatory. We sell about $1700 worth of credits a day and have been a very satisfied customer. Thanks so much”!

Chris Martin (Entrepreneur, Lansing Michigan)

“This is the evolution of amusement gaming. I’ve hurt my back moving equipment and dealing with untrustworthy vendors from software companies. Its great to just go to the source and run my business the way I want to run it. The various levels are great and keeps the customers coming back each day to rebuy.”

Billy Tesh ( Lucky 8’s Operator)