“Uploading the vendor portal was easy. Which is great because Im not the most tech savy. Our current customers in really enjoy playing the game. Customers can play from home or they play in our store which is great to save on seating! Thanks guys for the great software its invaluable.”

Chase B. (Former Café Operator)

“This app is awesome. When I saw the graphics I knew I had to get the vendor portal. I uploaded it on my pc and started telling my facebook friends…I have 30 people join the tournament that day…it was great! Players love the coins exploding. “

Kai Wong (Convenience Store Owner)

“We had sweepstake machines in our convenience store and they were just a hasn’t. This software allows to the customer to stay or leave and we/they love it. Players are always talking about what level they made it to and how much they have won. Great fun thanks guys!”

Mark Hyman (Baltimore Maryland)